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There are a lot of situations that could necessitate the usage of storage containers. In your case, you may need one for moving your belongings to a new house, safeguarding your business’ inventory or documents, setting up a mobile office, or something else. Whatever your purpose for such products may be, Find Storage Containers can supply you with the perfect model at a price that’s hard to beat. All our commercial and residential-purposed storage units are built from strong, durable, and weather-resistant materials. In addition, all products are outfitted with patented locking mechanisms which are guaranteed to prevent unauthorized individuals from gaining access to the containers’ contents!

Construction Storage Containers

We offer many different sizes of storage containers that are mobile and ideal for storing equipment at construction sites.


Residential Storage Units

Available Sizes


If your house is undergoing major renovations, Find Storage Containers can supply you with residential storage containers large enough to store your furniture, appliances, and other household items. Rest assured that your precious belongings will be kept safe, thanks to the unit’s special patented locking mechanism. Should you require packaging for your items, we’ll be glad to provide it along with your unit, free-of-charge!

Commercial Storage Units

Available Sizes

These units come in handy as additional storage space for your business’ growing inventory, or safeguarding high-value office equipment plus other commodities as your establishment undergoes extensive renovation. In cases where you just have to keep sensitive company information out of reach, know that our document storage trailers (which also feature the innovative locking mechanisms in all our products) will be more than enough to help you achieve that goal. Another product in this line you might be interested in is our portable storage containers, which are ideal for moving a large quantity of office equipment, supplies, and inventory from place to another.

Mobile Offices

Available Sizes

Mobile offices are great for small business owners just starting out, businessmen who need to continue their establishment’s operation while their offices undergo renovations, and those who require a private office space at a construction site under development. At Find Storage Containers, we give you the option of renting or purchasing the following office types: standard and luxury. Whichever of the two types you choose, you’ll be given additional options that’ll transform your unit into a stylish, high security office!